# 103, Shri Gulabbhai Jani & Shri Ushaben Jani

By Faces of Rajkot, September 15, 2015

Whenever I read or hear news of anyone ending life or give up due to failure, I really get so frustrated. Hence, always start reading newspapers from 3rd page because first 2 pages are always about failure and 3rd page being entertainment or sports talks and about achievements. Failures are the tuition fee you pay for success in your life.

I and Ushaben, met 5 decades back and fell in love, got married and decided to do something for the society after the encouragement by the saint at Ramkrishna Mission in Rajkot. With similar thoughts and support, we established Sister Nivedita foundation. From beginning, we emphasize students on how to deal with failure in life and move ahead using it as a stepping stone to go up. That is the reason we introduced ‘Moral Science’ as a subject in our school.

Group workshops, interactive sessions, social activities and self learning help my students to develop not only brain but body and spirit too. I can assure that many of my students must have failed in their lives and grown up and established themselves on top. I have living examples in Rajkot itself as well as across the globe.  No matter whatever it is, love, job, studies or anything else in the world, failure gives flavors to your success so never let it go. Live up to it.

Check their website: http://sisterniveditatrust.org/Default.aspx


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