#106, Uttam Maru, a Visually Challenged Boy

By Faces of Rajkot, September 22, 2015

“Can you recite 1 Shloka of Gita with precise Sanskrit articulations?

My grandson Uttam can. Not only 1 shloka, all 18 Adhyayas of Gita he recites without any mistakes and with exact Sanskrit pronunciations.

I left my construction business and now fully concentrating on my grandson, Uttam Maru. He is honoured with Rashtrapati award “Bal Shree” by Smt. Srimati Zubin Irani this year.

He is a trained singer; his Guru is great Anwar Haji sir. Uttam gets up early morning and does singing practice.

He also can sing classical songs, Garba, plays Tabla, mouth organ, expert in Yoga, very good at computers. Uttam is a born genius. You may wonder he can type Sanskrit Shlokas without any mistakes and speedily than an ordinary person. He can type numbers, alphabets in reverse orders without any mistakes. He remembers each key stroke and corrects mistakes, spaces himself.

And yes, I forgot to tell you, He is totally visually impaired and having congenital deforities since birth. Uttam is conceived virtuoso and lives up to his name, ‘Uttam’.”

And we complain that we are deprived of internet for some time…!

Uttam Maru, you surely inspired us to live life without complains.