#108, Skills V/s Education or pure destiny?

By Faces of Rajkot, September 24, 2015

Bhavik Agheda

We have our own factory units for wood working machineries.  When I was in 11th Standard, my grandfather cum guru passed away, my father started enduring health issues and our business started collapsing. At a point, we sold greater part of our business and got ready for a complete shutdown. I left studies and started going factory. I also used to visit factories nearby close-by and banter with owners and experts.

Once I was at my friend’s factory and an Arab from Bahrain came there for visit. He had particular problem in his factory and I proposed a basic change, innocently. He was amazed with given solution and was very happy.  Destiny kicked back from that point. It pushed wind to the wings of my fortune; eventually that Arab went back to Bahrain and took my video interview. I was allotted visa and tickets in less than 15 days. I started working at lower level there. Following 1 month, looking at my skills and work, he made me supervisor. Next month I was promoted in salary, position and given a car with driver. Slowly I took over most of the work and started improving his business a lot. He was exceptionally awed with my work and communication skills.  At Bahrain, I was part of a community where I was helping new comers for how to communicate in English, about your rights and duties. I had presented the community and its activities in front of Indian ambassador.

After very nearly a year, I needed to return to India to deal with my own particular business. By the finesse of God, our business is helped and got crisp Oxygen. It is doing truly a decent now and we have established our brand even in remotest states of India.

Ultimately, it is not education always that takes you higher but also hard work, skills and vision that give you wings. I never oppose education but, in my case skills took over education.