#109, Prospective Medical Student

By Faces of Rajkot, September 25, 2015

A year back we went to photography in a village some 15km from Rajkot. After the photography session, we went to a tea stall near highway. While the person was making tea I was getting bored. I saw a young guy reading something and making Pan in a shade like shop. Out of curiosity I went close to see what is he reading.

After a few conversations, I was astounded to realize that the guy was preparing for pre medical examination. He was so glad to know that I am a doctor. He asked me a few basic questions which I had studied during 12th Science related to chemical formulas, atomic table, some basic questions on physics and chemistry. I was fumbling for the answers because after a few years in medical practise, you forget basic things. How 108 elements of atomic tables will be useful for me in treating a patient? I lost in similar thoughts and I was shaken by the my friends saying that my tea is ready.

I purchased some stuffs from the “Panwala” boy feeling ashamed to offer him direct help but he smiled at me and said, “Sir, I am a future doctor and one day I will become like you”. In my mind I was praying, please not like me, stay what you are, as it is.

It’s been a year now and he got admission in some medical college. He doesn’t want to give his name as yet but we promise, we will get him back here when he becomes a doctor.