#112, Dreams Achiever friends

By Faces of Rajkot, September 29, 2015

(Utsav Popat, Yashpal Sonara and Vivek Vagela start a library for CA students for no cost and one day some rumors against them changed their lives totally)

During winter, some notorious mind spread rumors that these guys are distributing woolens and blankets to the poor people. This trio again took it absolutely and as a test.

They reached neighbors and relatives to donate their used woolens, which can be used for the poor people. Meanwhile they got someone who sponsored those blankets. So they started collecting woolens from 6 pm to 9 pm. Sort them out as per the size and started distributing to poor people at night after 10.30 or so till around 2 AM. They did it continuously for 40 days in Rajkot.

Since all were CA students, some cleared the exam and moved ahead. But they continued the good work wherever they are.

They started an NGO with charity commission. But, where money matter brings internal grudges, corruption, dishonesty and many bad things follows. Kudos to the CA mindset, they do not accept money neither has a bank account. So, if someone wants to give in kinds, they have to go with the volunteers of Dreams Achiever and distribute themselves.

These boys are the youngest in Gujarat to start a trust of 180+ registered volunteers, around 40 take active part in all the activities.

Eventually they adopted 3 schools in Rajkot, and one each in Gandhinagar, Veraval (Somnath) and Jam-Khambhalia. Volunteers go to these schools on Saturday afternoon and teach them different things like language, science, Mathematics, drawing, craft, music, dancing etc. They not only teach them these things but prepare them for different competitions.

Utsav says at the end that it really do not take a lot of money, huge fund raising or Yojanas to start a good work. He also appeals learned, skilled and well educated people to donate just one day a month to teach their school kids something useful in life. Will we do that?

Check their page https://www.facebook.com/mydreamsachiever?fref=ts
and their website: http://dreamsachiever.org/