#114, Shailesh Sagparia, inspiration to many youngsters

By Faces of Rajkot, October 3, 2015

From a daily wage worker to a government class I officer, a little difficult yet intriguing journey. We may be seeing many such incidents in over lives where a person ascends from bottom and splashes vertical limits. Finally I met one of such persons from Rajkot which in turn altered my own standpoint.

What when you finally achieved that busting level? Would be the lifetime around? Can be your struggle accomplished? Simply loosen up? Just take it easy?

“Simply No”, says Shailesh Sagparaia who begins from where normally people end. From a small village Moviya, he used to help his father’s labour work after school hours. He wanted to take science stream and become an engineer. His father couldn’t arrange for his fees and he left studies. He joined diamond polishing factory 8 kms away from his village and used to travel on bicycle.

While returning from work one day, he met 3 of his ex-classmates. They wanted to humiliate him and asked him questions related to studies knowing that he has already left studies. He surely ashamed of himself for leaving studies. So rather than being angry on them, he diverted his anger towards studying again. He moved to Rajkot and joined commerce stream; topped university, claimed gold medal, with restricted facilities and lot of difficulties he became post graduate. He worked as an office boy, clerk, took tuitions while studying. What now? Someone told him about GPSC and he started preparing for the test. He cleared all the stages and become Class II officer, followed and finally now Class I officer. It is not as easy as written in one line here and takes lot of studies, hard work and proved working experience to become one.

He achieved what he deserved from the society. Now it was his turn to give back to the society. Let me not be selfish that’s what he thought.

Today he is doing humble job of counseling youth for studies, how to crack exams, how to live life; directing them in right ways by spreading positive thoughts, stories, and audios through numerous mediums. His daily audio story is broadcasted in more than 40 schools of Gujarat. Author of 5 well known, best seller Gujarati books and well known motivational speaker is followed by more than 27,000 people on social media.

Internationally read, very well known Gujarati magazine took and published his 4 page interview in a special issue of Chitralekha.

Gandhi Jayanti went yesterday and obviously we cannot compare anyone with him but at least someone is following his path of selfless services for the society. Salutes to such unsung hero and proud face of Rajkot.