#116, Murtuja Sadikot

By Faces of Rajkot, October 6, 2015

I was naughty and inquisitive. In early 80s we shifted to our new house on University road. There was hardly anything there during that time. We were used to spot snakes at least once a week near our house. Because of such area, my love towards nature became stronger.

I used to attend many nature club camps where I met Bhaveshbhai Trivedi and many such people who made me interested in bird watching and in turn it enhanced my love towards nature.

I had only 2 passions, bikes and nature. My friend and I started a bike club and we started going on long drives. That’s when I bought my first Fuji camera online. I also started clicking landscapes and other photos. Many people joined and left our bike club but we continued it for a long time.

One fine day I came to know about Fotography Club of Rajkot and I immediately joined it. It changed me in many ways. It helped me improve my photography and I got some friends forever. Plus it helped me explore the places surrounding Rajkot and it astound me because in normal case I would not have gone to those places. I also came to know that we get as many as 130+ species of migratory birds in different seasons. My life changed in many ways.

Now I take my son with me on the photowalks to make him aware about birds, animals, and nature to make him understand how our ecosystem works as well as how to preserve it.