#118, Devang Trivedi, a Poet of Smiles & ‘Shwet’

By Faces of Rajkot, October 10, 2015

“If you really want to give something to someone, give your time.

Almost a year and a half back when I witnessed a tragic incidence, I made up my mind to do something for the underprivileged. I talked to my friends and as expected, they were a little hesitant in spending money. So, we found out a way. We requested everyone to donate old magazines and newspapers. We sold them and we utilized this money by feeding old aged people in a ‘vruddhashram’ (old age home). We not only feed them but also spent time with them but Talked to them, asking about their lives, sung songs, cracked jokes with them and made them happy that evening. That evening everyone understood that the best feeling of happiness is when you are happy because you have made someone happy.

This started with a few friends and then with the help of R.K. University authorities, we made an organization called ‘Shwet, the rise of humanity’. ‘Shwet’ means white and it represents peace, inner peace. And the motto of the ‘SHWET‘ is, as said by Mahatma Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others”. Slowly the organization grew to around 30 members. And we did 8 different projects like a singing competition at ‘Andh mahila vikas gruh’, drawing competition at a primary school in navagaam, cloth distribution and drawing competition at mentally retarded children’s school, cloth distribution at various slums, visits to old age homes etc.

I am a student of mechanical engineering and I am in 7th semester. I am not worried that this organization, which, I started, will ever close because I know that my juniors are equally motivated. I don’t want to limit my dreams. I also want to work for underprivileged children, their education and women empowerment.”

Friends, Team Faces of Rajkot salute this young, poet, popularly known as ‘Poet of Smiles’, enthusiastic Devang Trivedi.