#120, Milan Trivedi, a Comedian, Actor, Anchor

By Faces of Rajkot, October 13, 2015

In spite of doing B.A. & M.A. in English and masters in journalism, I entered in pharma business to earn money to sustain. But 10 years later I put an end to my pharmacy in search of what I like to do.

I always had a dream to do something for art. It took 3 long years of struggle to get recognized in the field. It was so difficult to convince the family that my dream is not to just persist but to live my life. I wanted to be famous. I wanted the world to know me. I didn’t want to die anonymous.  But fortunately they supported me and I genuinely appreciate their support without which I would not have reached where I am today.

Today, Milan Trivedi is known as an actor, a writer, a comedian, an anchor and a mimicry artist. I always wanted to do something different. And I did my 1st monoacting on ‘Yayati’ during my college days. Some 14 years back, I also did a gay character. Obviously it was very rebellious but I took it as a challenge. Today if you count my achievements…  I am an anchor in a show ‘Waah Bhai Waah’ which has completed 400+ episodes. I have done more than 250 characters in ‘Laughter Express’ in which I do mimicry of celebrities. I did mimicry of almost all Indian celebrities.

I can go on and on but the space on your page is limited. So in the end I want to say only 2 things.

First one is for those who wants to achieve something in life… Don’t give up. Success comes with 3 things. 1. Hard work, 2. Luck and, 3. Persistence. Most of the people want instant success and that is when they fail.

And 2nd is for all… Don’t just exist, live your life, enjoy it. Enjoy-ography is better than Angiography. એન્જીયોગ્રાફી કરતા એન્જોયગ્રાફી સારી…

મસ્ત રહો.