#122, Karma Returns

By Faces of Rajkot, October 15, 2015

If I tell you that I owned 2 expensive cars and a bungalow would you believe? My wife used to buy gold and diamonds almost every month. I used to take my family on vacation once a year to finest destinations and in luxurious hotels.

Well, that’s true. I was a very successful businessman. I used to travel across India for my business purposes. Sadly, bad things follow with money. I was no different. I spent millions on women, drinking and gambling. Slowly, I lost all my business worth in gambling. We sold out everything and were on the road; had no place to go. We took shelter in an Ashram in Ahmedabad and the saint taught me the lesson of my lifetime. “Karma returns”.

I left every bad habit, old business contacts and started this newspaper selling in a corner of this great Rajkot city. My family, my wife and 2 sons, is my whole world and centre of my life. My sons too started earning now after their graduation and my wife forgave me and now helping me in my small income business. We are so happy, content and feeling blessed..