#125, Mehta sisters and theit love for stray dogs

By Faces of Rajkot, October 19, 2015


“Every animal have life. Don’t hate them if you can’t love them.”

We always loved dogs. We used to have dogs as our family members but we were shattered when they passed away. Now we have a Female Lab, name “SHONA ” she is our family member not our pet.

For past many years, we regularly feed stray dogs and take care of them. If they fall sick, we request Animal helpline to take care of those dogs. We regularly feed them two times in a day and we have kept one small drinking water tank on our street, so every animal drink clean water.

We want to use this platform to request everyone not to beat or harm animals. They too have life. If you are scared of them, stay away from them but don’t injure them. They are affectionate, do something for them.