#130, Illiterate Entrepreneur

By Faces of Rajkot, October 26, 2015

When I was working at my shop, some social activist came and asked details about me. They explained me that education is my birth right. I laughed at it.

There was a time I was desperate to get into a school but, none of the schools took me in because I had no birth certificate. My uneducated father was not aware of such things and he tried many times however fizzled.

Hi, I am Rahul Bhil from Marwad, Rajasthan. We came here in Rajkot in hope of better future when I was 5. My father started a balloon shooting shop at Ghatneswar Park and I too joined him because I had nothing else to do. I am only 16 and a wanna be entrepreneur.

Once, I begged food from a person and my father saw that. He shut down the shop, clutched my hand and took me to a big shop (Pizza Hut). He cannot read the name but remembers that hat logo. He said this person has shops in all cities even in Rajasthan and he did not beg for money.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Then after, I learnt magic tricks, performed at various functions like birthday parties, Lok Mela etc. It gave me extra income. My next step is to open balloon shooting shops in every part of the city and also in other cities like that pizza shop.

I know it is different and nobody has thought of it but, that’s what the entrepreneur starts thinking where general public stops and no education will not stop me accomplishing my dreams. By the way I learnt how to write my name from one of my kid fans, he is fond of my magic tricks.

Thank you Rahul Savaliya for this story