#134, Hemal Dave

By Faces of Rajkot, November 3, 2015

The secret of my energy is… ‘Boost’.

No, not the milk powder… the inner boost, to do something for myself, my family and for others as well. I always believed in the Law of attraction. In my childhood I thought of many things and I always have achieved almost all of them. I envisioned being a journalist and now at the age of 40 plus , I am pursuing journalism.

Most often asked question to me is how do I get so much of time? My answer to them is that set your priorities and work accordingly. I know that my family is my first priority and then comes the rest of the things. And then I have so many things to do in life that it amazed me if someone says that they are bored.

I write stories and poems, I read a lot; I do give psychotherapy to the needy people in the evening. I worked in All India Radio, Doordarshan and some other places as well in past. I have given voice overs, acted in plays and in a movie as well.