#140, Maharishi Trivedi

By Faces of Rajkot, November 18, 2015

Before I could complete my ninth standard, I had read renowned artists like John Milton, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and more than their poems or writings I used to see their profundity, endeavors taken to compose the poems amid that period, their reasoning level over the common people like us. I could feel what they may be feeling when they really composed those ballads which have huge significance even today and are taken as references by many.

My passion and affection towards these creators made me doing distinctive things in life. Today, I am connected with national media monster The Time of India furthermore am a critic comic writer. More than a distinction to be related as a professional, it is passion. When I expound on something, for briefly, I get immersed with that thing, my spirit adjusts totally and takes me to a different universe of imaginations.
Trust me innovativeness is not genetic or none can teach you either. It originates from inside and you are the best individual to comprehend what the best you have inside. I detest when I see folks pushing their children towards hobby centers or exercises just to hotshot. I don’t feel any distinction between them and a fruit vendor utilizing carbide packets to ripen the mangoes.
Being a proud Rajkotian and dependably need to be, I might want to advise everybody that please listen to your inner voice, add to your aptitudes and bloom until you go to next level.