#141, Hiren Rathod

By Faces of Rajkot, November 19, 2015

Faces of Rajkot proudly introduces Hiren Rathod. He works with Trends mobile and one of the best technicians for mobile lamination. He does his job so perfectly that people say that nobody does as fine work of mobile phones, laptops and tablets lamination in Rajkot as he does. Well, we will not advertise his work rather we would peep into his life a little.

Let’s hear it in his words:

Hi, I am Hiren Rathod. I started supporting my mother by working at different places like tea stalls, restaurants, mills, houses, garage etc. She was also working as a house maid at different places. Where I was should be on playground with my friends, I was playing my life around gas stoves, hot plates, machines etc.

When I grew as a teenager I liked a girl, I used to look at her when she goes to school. This continued till she started going collage. She also realized that I keep looking at her whenever she passes by. She too fell for me and after sometime, we got married. But we had to run away as our casts were different.

Here the destiny took turn. I joined Trends mobile and started getting fame and good rewards. She came in my life with lots of prosperity. Today, my son is attending very good education from one of the best schools of Rajkot, we are planning to buy our own house, we go on holidays, we own a car.  Lots of struggle followed by lots of happiness. I was never strong enough on my own, my wife supports me in every stages of my life.