#142, a selfless humanitarian, Parekh kaka

By Faces of Rajkot, November 21, 2015

Originality is a byproduct of sincerity. Having this quality, Rajkotians have developed skills to find gaps for different and surprising selfless services for the society. I was flabbergasted when I listened this man’s story.

Which page do you read first when you open daily newspaper? He just searches for if there is any medical camp going on in the city. Parekhbhai eagerly scans the entire paper for such camps and reach there with all the raw material to make tea. He offers tea to all the patients and their relatives. If you have sugar problem, no worries, he can make you a special tea. All you have to pay is a sweet smile.

Parekhbhai is a senior citizen of our excellent Rajkot city. He got retired 27 years back but since 50 years he is doing this humble service in Rajkot. Not only free tea to patients at camp but from past 18 years also offers free breakfast with milk, lunch and dinner for patients in civil hospital and also for their relatives. He just smiles and serves. Probably he only wants to share joy.

It is very easy to give away some donation or charity and feel that I have done something good but it is really tough to take out time, make arrangements, travel and serve without any complaints. The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered the hardest. After reading his story we would say great and get back to work but he still continues and way beyond our “Wah, very good” words.

Ordinary people are products of their environment and fit in. But some transcend their environment and stand out. Doesn’t he deserve a grand salute from us, Rajkotians?