#143, Dr Asit Bhatt

By Faces of Rajkot, November 24, 2015

Dr Ashit Bhatt served Kotak Science collage for 23 years as a professor and inherited one thing that do not limit yourself to one thing. He keeps learning new things always. Cooking, poems, ballpoint pen drawing, rangoli, playing instruments, singing and the list go on. But, he never does it professionally, only for self satisfaction, satisfaction of soul. He does not follow footprints but makes his own paths.

Despite of not interested in competitions or fame he has won many prizes for Rangoli by corporation, Rotary club etc. He makes diverse sorts of rangolis utilizing hues as well as different materials like pearls, sponge, flowers, wood, waste material and so on. He puts an idea in his rangolis. It is never a basic straight rangoli yet an aberrant method for giving a message or an idea.

Dr Ashit Bhatt accentuation that it does not matter if you are not perfect in making arts but do attempt it, you will get satisfaction of soul. You will love it feel relaxed. Mr Bhatt is now principal in a BBA and MBA collage. Such a different nature made him fall in love with a beautiful girl and got married. Instead of crackers or flying kites the family donates that amount to the needful people. His wife equally supports or rather competes with him in various arts.

She also has written books which are already famous in market without any publicity or publishing. That’s what I call a perfect couple and a perfect face of Rajkot.

— with Asit Bhatt.