#149, Ritesh Rathod, Music composer and singer

By Faces of Rajkot, December 11, 2015

You will find very few people in the world who peruse their hobby as a profession. Rest of like us just do things unwillingly. Most of the people doing job they do not like. Ritesh Rathod is one of them. Keeping music on fingertips, he can give birth to something that was not existing 5 minutes before. Being Singer, Music Composer, Programmer, Lyricist he is master of all trades.

He is attached with daily soaps like DreamGirl (LifeOk), Ye hai Mohabbatain (StarPlus), Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi(Colors),Tumhari Pakhi (LifeOk), Ek Muthhi Aasman (ZeeTv) ,Anamika (SonyTv), Amrit Manthan (LifeOk) and many more. He also gave music in Rajsjree production’s “Zilmil Sitaron ka angan hoga”

Many people say I love music but, I live music. For me, it’s a soul heard by the nation. My father, brother, Uncle all are attached with music and that’s how it flows in my blood too.  Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. I have performed shows in India and also abroad. People have loved me the way I am. Prestige and fame don’t come in easy way. One has to struggle a lot and practice a lot. Be creative and unique to get noticed. Especially when it comes to background music where people pay attention to the visual more and you have to create an impression through your music. For background music, you are given very less time. On an average you are given mere 3 hours for 22 minutes episode.

Well, that’s fun.

Wonderful thing is that I found my soulmate through music only. Both of us are from Rajkot but we met in a workshop on Sugam Sangeet in Probandar.

Be spontaneous, honest and keep rocking that’s the mantra of music.