#150, Jasmine Solanki

By Faces of Rajkot, December 12, 2015

For me, poetry is the mother-tongue of human being. Through my poems I always wanted to convey this message of equality. Forget about legal things, it seems a little difficult to change the laws from 60 years of dirty muddy politics. But, at least we can erase this castes and inequality from our mindsets. Can we?
It is difficult to express the good feeling seeing this young engineering student writing poems in Hindi and Urdu at such an early age. Only Rajkot can do that. Jasmin Solanki, IT student, fell in love with poetry at young age.
Singing and music had a dominant place in our household. So, early on, I came to understand intuitively that art was not simply a static thing on a page or a canvas, but something dynamic, something spoken and sung, something enacted. As a result, going from writing on the page to performing spoken word was an organic creative progression for me.
Being creative doesn’t mean you sit aside in a corner aside or at a silent place and do something. But, rather it is emerge with nature, people around you, go out in traffic, crowd and create something out of it. Through my creative work, I hope to inspire people to tap into the universal impulse to create and to transform themselves, their lives, and their worlds through that creative process.