#151, Yash Chawla,

By Faces of Rajkot, December 14, 2015

You all will be surprised to know that 75,00,00,000 (crore) man hours per day are being spent on social media in India, without any constructive output. India is the 2nd largest user of Social Media in the world and is projected to be the largest user by 2016. But, we have Yash Chawla, a Rajkotian, who has initiated a campaign on Effective Use of Social Media and has reached out to more than 50,000 students, faculty members and professionals through it.

I have claimed double graduate and double post graduate degrees in multidisciplinary fields. My prime focus is also to encourages young students to initiate their own start ups, rather than wasting time after unproductive social media activities and use that as a channel for reaching out to more number of people.

I have been delivering talk shows, lectures, and presentations in a number of reputed colleges like IITs and others. and have been awarded by many institutes and organizations like Gujarat Technological University’s Innovation Council with the Pedagogical Innovation Award 2013, with Special Mention Young Faculty of the Year 2013 by EET CRS , HDFC Appreciation Award 2014 for contributions of social activities and Best Young Teacher Award 2015 by Confederation of Education Excellence.

I have a soft corner for engineering students, as basically i am a Mechanical Engineer. Engineering Graphics is considered as one of the most difficult subject by the first year engineering students, but after referring to my video lectures recorded under GTU’s ALVCOM initiative at BISAG, Gandhinagar, large number of students have passed the exam with ease. Two of my well recognized technical projects involve a “Modified F20 Tiger Shark Jet Aircraft” (Flying Scaled Model), and “Gyratory Skyscraper” – a building which is capable of generating its own electricity as well as change it shape (this was also filed for patent)

Organizing talk shows on “How to ask Questions for career” and “Social Media & Security”, “Ideation”, “Entrepreneurship” etc other initiative that i have been taking apart from currently being Head – Public Relations & Professional Development at RK University.

Gathering all smiles from my student participants, friends and fans I am trying to push youth towards creative things. That’s the least I could do for the society being a Rajkotian face.

Check his page: http://www.facebook.com/YashAnilChawla