#153, Utkarsh Doshi of Pareewartann Charitable Trust

By Faces of Rajkot, December 18, 2015

From my early teenage days I have been attached prime importance to education for all sided development of a child. I am pursuing my bachelors of engineering degree from VVP Engineering College & Gujarat Technological University in Rajkot, Gujarat. I, along with my passion of being a social activist, also am an endeavour mentee.
I am a founder member and trustee of Pareewartann, a charitable trust working with more than 50 volunteers based at Rajkot, Gujarat. As one of the founder of Pareewartann, I try to bring out dormant energy of volunteers through their skills, time, talent and experience.
The journey started in 2013 with a small thought of helping needy people by providing them solutions through videos without any financial support. But somehow, I could not convince my friends. So I attempted one more time in 2014 and this time I got support of my friends and family. We launched ‘Visionary of India’ organization and registered it as ‘Pareewartann Charitable Trust’. This was a small volunteer based organization in Rajkot and started expanding the work by focusing on stead objectives. And slowly we launched various awareness programs along with just 80 volunteers by a few numbers of membership campaigns.
And now, the only purpose of my life is to share all that I have learnt with the rest of the World. To help others succeed so that, in turn, they could also share with those who need it the most. Conducting numerous awareness programs in different parts of Rajkot, I am still working for a better future.
Currently, I am an external member of composition of internal complaints committee in policy on prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of Rajoo Engineers Limited, India.