#159, RJ Aabha, Red FM – Rajkot

By Faces of Rajkot, December 30, 2015

Aabha, Team Faces of Rajkot wishes you a very very happy birthday.
RJ Aabha, dimple queen of radio. The name itself is a brand of Rajkot. Be it hosting the most super hit, evening show GJ935.
“I love doing the radio jockey, creating a whole world with just the voice. I do not prepare much for my show but, it comes naturally as soon as I grab the mic in the studio. I speak my heart out and the listeners reciprocate. I like it that way, bold and carefree. I cannot keep things to myself. If you’re all wrapped up in yourself then you are overdressed.
I guess an RJ’s job is not about non-stop talking, but about non-stop thinking. You have to have presence of mind and adapt as per the given situation and at the same time establish your own identity. We run some on-air contests where people have to answer questions in order to win a Prize. We have to note down their Phone Numbers in order to inform them in case they win the contest. During one such contest when I asked a guy his phone number, he got very emotional and replied, “Pehli var koi chhokri e maro number mangyo che !” .That was the funniest moment ever.
The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. People told me I cannot speak in public but, my mom proves a stream of pure inspiration and see what I am today. People specially tune to listen to me. Now, radio has become happiness for me, a reason to smile. If it is not smiling at me, give it a good tickling by doing something nasty on air.
By the way, I am a social media freak. I cannot survive without Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter. If I don’t log into Facebook two days in a row, my friends call the police thinking someone must’ve kidnapped me! My friends are chocolate chips in the cookie of life!
The message I want to give to all my friends is, It’s my birthday and dare to bring that cheap yellow cake on my face, I do not like it. Lol”