#160, Vivek Vyas & Vimal Popat of Shraddhanjali.com

By Faces of Rajkot, January 2, 2016

Many times I mentioned here that the no one has a business mind like a true Rajkotian.

Can you imagine that two people gobbling roadside food wrapped up in a newspaper can have a business idea from it worth Rs. 5cr valuation? Yes. Vivek Vyas and Vimal Popat were served the food wrapped in obituaries (shraddhanjali) page. It was insulting to eat food on dead people’s face photos. Isn’t it? Moreover, they thought that papers may fade away what about those Shraddhanjalis? There are relatives living abroad, forget about extended families but they do not get chance enough to frequently meet their grandparents, uncles and aunts. This situation could be tackled very nicely and could be presented in a better way.

The young duo searched online if there is any portal which publishes online “shraddhanjali” there wasn’t any. Then they decided to own it. They went to Mumbai, Banglore and Pune to learn technologies required for building such a website. At last, they could set their brains in Ahmedabad and began the portal http://shradhanjali.com.

Unlike a newspaper, this portal has the facility to upload videos, messages, photos and have provided enough space to details. Birthday reminders, death anniversary, condolence messages etc are facilitated along with the tributes. The messages and tributes support multi-language. These tributes can be preserved up to 30 years for a nominal fee. The web portal is ad free so; it will not look funny as “this death is sponsored by _____.”

One of our clients shared his experiences that he was surprised by how little he actually knew about his late cousin. Over time, he discovered numerous photographs posted by other family members on the portal that he had not seen before, and he encouraged his family to take the time to share their stories about his cousin.

These memorial websites would also help our children learn about the lives of their ancestors and preserve memories of them.

“From the very beginning, our team focused on making our service easy to use. We have spared no effort in making sure that people with even modest computer skills can easily create a tribute and fill it with photos, stories and more” says Vivek Vyas.

The sensitivity around death would seem to make commerce a tricky proposition; appearing to be shaking down mourners just wouldn’t feel right. While our portal is providing an obvious service to mourners, “Death,” Vimal says, “is one of those things you really want to do right.”