#164, Revive Story

By Faces of Rajkot, January 13, 2016

The city had pumped hard work and “keep trying until success” spirit when I breathed in the air. At any given moment, you have the power to say that this is NOT how the story is going to END. “It took 2 full years of repetitive failures and disappointments unless we tasted the flavoured success. Aaah! What a taste, chuckles Mr Gaurav Parekh taking a look at his wife Mrs Manali Parekh, founders of Revive flavoured milk.

The earliest evidence of complete meal in ancient India comes from excavated sites in the Indus Valley Civilization. Indus Valley civilization relied on the considerable technological achievements of the pre-Harappan culture, Milk is considered to be a complete food since decades in different parts of the world. Not only kids but also adults do not like to drink raw milk nowadays. So, we had a vision to produce flavoured milk that has no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours with a shelf life of 7 months and which is suitable for all the age bunch. We targeted villages and started selling our product from there. During that period, we had no major machinery or any labours other than we two. From production to delivery, everything was managed by us tow. Always pushing each other towards success and supporting each other in every possible ways.

Gradually we enhanced our production and market and moved to metros like Baroda, Surat, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc and our products did really well there too. Every year now we come up with 2 new flavours out of them 1 would be a traditional flavour and the other fancy. Lastly we launched Choco Mint and Shahi Gulkand.

No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist. Similarly, being a hard working Rajkotian, I could taste success only because of never look back attitude. Our next target is to remove all unhygienic carbonated drinks from the market and replace them with Revive.