#165, Chandni Shukla, Voice of Rajkot, Face of the nation

By Faces of Rajkot, January 16, 2016

Butterflies can’t see their wings, they can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. We are no different, we too sometimes ignore multiple skills we have and run after single excellence where we could achieve a lot more.
Take my example, I am Chandni Shukla, I had never thought that I will be the voice of Rajkot in my life. I participated in RJ Hunt completion and become an RJ. I did breakfast show “Big Chai”on Big FM also did evening show and late night show “Dil pe mat le yaar” as a love guru. I also took up the challenge to listen to women’s voice in “Kuch khatti kuch mithi” in entire journey of 4 years with Radio.
This was the first taste of success. Generally people stop here and feel that they achieved a lot in terms of support, love and trust of listeners. They start feeling great as a centre of attraction wherever they go. But, who knows you out of your local city? Having a same thought, I joined All India Radio as an announcer followed by CNBC Bajaar, first Gujarati business news channel as a bulletin producer and a feature anchor. It gave a face to my voice. My actual fans can see me now. I did shows like Tech Guru and Property Bajar.
Now, I had been known nationally. Enough achieved? NO.
I represented India in New Zealand Radio. I did live air shows in various New Zealand radio channels during my Rotary Group Study Exchange.
These were some golden feathers in my crown. There are a few more like I represented my university at national level as a wicket keeper cum vice captain. I also represented my collage at Delhi in Republic Day parade and claimed gold medal for my battalion.
You will wonder that despite of different family background, my family is a politically known family of the city; I took different path, rather multiple paths, claimed success and nailed my dreams right up in the sky. And my last sentence after all this would be, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost…!”.