#171, Neeraj Pandya tells a heartwarming incidence

By Faces of Rajkot, February 1, 2016

Though I live in Australia, by birth and soul I am 100% Rajkotian.

Last time in 2013, I visited India and was travelling by train to attend a friend’s wedding in Valsad. It was chilly winter evening and 7pm when I got down at a quite strange lonely station just to check the outside scene. An old man approached me with a filthy small diary in his hands to allow him a call from my mobile. I generally do not trust people easily but his eyes were so innocent that I could not avoid him.

The old man made a quick call telling someone, “beta, don’t worry. I am reaching in an hour”. He returned the phone, thanked me with moisture in eyes and left. I boarded the train again and went to sleep.

After an hour or so, I was woken up from sleep, my phone was ringing. The voice on the other end was troubled and inquiring about the person who had called an hour back.

I listened carefully; it was the married daughter of the old man who had used his phone a while ago. I informed her that the man had already disembarked at an earlier station. The woman on the other end explained that her father was very aged and got down at wrong station probably, since she was waiting at the correct station and the train was about to  reach.

Situation seemed desperate. I decided to meet the woman at the station.

As the train slowed down at the station, I called and spotted her. She explained that her husband is on a tour and her father was carrying money for treatment of her only daughter, and the matter couldn’t wait.

I am not a big shot in Australia but, a decent professor and living quite normal happy life with my family.

After a quick thought, I offered her some money, enough to begin the treatment. Just Rs 4,000, which really was not a big amount for me but, it was probably a lifeline for someone.

And then, I continued with the train journey forgetting all around it.

Until a week later, a lady called me inquiring about my well being. This was the same girl, for whom I had provided a small amount for treatment at a railway station!

She thanked me, and insisted on my address to return my money. I was not expecting the money back as at some point of time, I found the incident very dramatic and fishy. I had heard many stories about fooling NRI people by throwing emotions and playing the cards well. Anyways, out of curiosity I just gave her my details to see what happens.

I returned Australia following week and a month later, my father called up to say that he received a cover on my name with a cheque of Rs. 4,000 in it and a message note that reads:

“Thank-you traveller. May you never stop.”