#176, Shameena Mathur from Sunshine group of Institutions

By Faces of Rajkot, February 12, 2016

Education is learning what you did not even know you did not know.
Interestingly, the word ‘Education’ is derived from the Latin ‘Educare’!– How apt isn’t it? We, the teachers are at the core of the care. The noble profession of teaching is getting complex. The art and science of teaching is being distorted to business and education is show business. Education has become eduvaganza.
As doctors would agree, the ‘pupil’ is the centre of the eye–centre of attraction–centre of vision. If and when the ‘pupil’ stops reacting and responding– it is the end, the end of life! The same goes for our ‘pupil’-the student–the centre of our attraction–centre of our vision. If and when this ‘pupil’ stops reacting and responding–education amounts to zero.
Today, the teachers teach to preach–not to reach. And students learn to earn– not to yearn. Obviously, there are 2 types of education which we the teachers juggle around with–one which teaches how to make a living and one which teaches how to live!
As basic a necessity as food, clothes and home–education is conveniently avoided and forgotten. People who demand a right to education, especially free education, need to understand that there is a duty to education too! There is a value to education which teaches you values. And as Oscar Wilde put it–you can never be overeducated. So keep learning and we keep teaching.
Alma mater matters as much as mother. Gurus percolate where genes cannot. Teachers can be mentors and Mentos (dimag ki batti jala de!)
Today, grown-ups feel school is cool; college is their collage. Lyricist Swanand’s –“Give me some Sunshine–I want to grow up once again”– is every adult’s anthem
With education life becomes as beautiful and sweet as my name suggests. Respect education– Only if you read–will you lead (Padhega to Badhega).
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