#177, Ankit Gorasia

By Faces of Rajkot, February 15, 2016

I can see the horizon as my soul gently sways towards the unknown. I hope my compass stays true along with my morals. I am one of the vivid shades of Rajkot. My base, my strongest and purest form of inspiration, Rajkot.

એક લટ તારા ગાલ તરફ નમવા લાગી
બસ તે ક્ષણથી જ તું મને ગમવા લાગી
તે પાંપણ ઊંચી કરી ને હૈયાને હવા લાગી
સંયમ’, બસ તે ક્ષણથી જ તું મને ગમવા લાગી

When people come to know that I am a mechanical engineer student but a passionate poet, their jaw drops. Some of them also make comments like why have I chosen mechanical if I wanted to become a poet. My reply to them is my mechanism is poetic. I keep my profession and passion separate. A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language. It gives me a special vision to look at things around.

Ankit Gorasiya, 20, young blood and an emerging poet has already caught fame by writing more than 40 poems in English which are published in Times of India. More than 60 Hindi and Gujarati Kavita are published in Gujarati newspapers and people have appreciated a lot. “My pen name in Gujarati is “સંયમ”, ”says Ankit. I am also a part of UMC music band which helps me to compose my poems. I like to write about various topics and styles hence, I have multiple sources of inspirations; I follow many poets around the globe. The poetic thought is characterised by deep sensitivity to one’s environment and a sound philosophy possessed by an individual, which in turn stir a person’s heart and question things.

I start writing a poem when my emotions find thoughts and my thoughts find words.

Rajkotians, keep creating.

— with Ankit Gorasiya and સંયમ-Ankit Gorasiya.