#183, Bhargav Bhatt, Rajkot Zoo Curetor

By Faces of Rajkot, March 2, 2016

It is an interesting but very challenging job being a zoo curator because you are dealing with living beings including humans. I love to come to work every day and interacting with animals we have in our zoo.

What do we have to do? Well, we have many exotic and common animals and birds to look after and to do that we have 20 permanent and 80 on contract employees. I have to oversee the work of all these 100 people working for our beautiful zoo. Plus maintenance, answering RTIs, handling and talking with visitors and educating young visitors about the incredible animals e have here. And this is not possible without the help of our zoo superintendent Dr Hirpara and zoo staff.

I was being extremely passionate about animals and fascinated by how incredible they all are. And when I was offered to work so closely with them and to learn about them as well as teach people about why this is so important, I couldn’t resist it and joined as Zoo curator in Rangilu Rajkot.

Ugliest part of my job is to answer bureaucrats who don’t understand anything about animals and to stop visitors from throwing food and waste on animals for fun.

Every Thursday we organize a nature camp for children where we provide them study materials. In the morning we take them for bird watching. After that we show them different animals we have. Then we show them different presentations and teach them the importance of conserve environment and animals and why we need to protect them. My wife also helps me in these nature camps.

My wife is also a zoologist and we fell in love when we were studying in the same class. We both have very similar interest including music. She is visharad in Vocal and I am visharad in Violin.