#186, Dr Sanjay Pandya, Nephrologist

By Faces of Rajkot, March 10, 2016

A special post for WORLD KIDNEY DAY.
Dr Sanjay Pandya is a very famous name in Rajkot as a kidney specialist. But, that is really very small introduction. Let’s elaborate. His ex-classmates, teachers and fellow doctors say that he is almost an authority in kidney diseases. For the lectures he has delivered so far, people say that Dr Sanjay is the mine of knowledge. Whatever he says, gets stamped in memory. Well, this is not it, the actual message he himself would give.
“Hello Rajkot, I am Dr Sanjay Pandya, Nephrologist. I started writing a guide cum book on fluid management for medical references in 1999. The problem was, formal standard calculations for Fluid Management and practical scenario had differences. I tried to simplify the formulas and it took me 3 years to finish. The book became a success as medical reference. More than 60,000 copies are sold so far. Revised edition was published in 2006. This was for my doctor colleagues. But, still it was not enough.
So, while coming back from a family vacation, I was thinking about paying back to the society and that’s when I decided to write an informative book for the people and especially for the patients of kidney diseases. I published first book in 2006 in Gujarati and in Hindi in 2008. The book could reach to only people who buy the book, which was never an intention.
In 2010, a patient from USA came to me and I was telling him about precautions. He mentioned that there is nothing available for kidney patients who can read and follow. That’s when I decided to launch a website where this book can be read or downloaded in all possible languages.
By now, we have books published in 12 languages including Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Kutchi, Hindi, English, Gujarati etc. And the book is available online, to read and to download, on http://kidneyeducation.com in 25 languages. I am preparing the translations in 6 more languages and wish to upload them before next World Kidney Day in 2017. So far more than 2.5 crore people visited this website.
The entire thing was done without any financial support, sponsorship or donations. I spent every single rupee I can. This is how I can contribute my part to the society. Now I feel a little satisfied with my work.”
In short, there is only one word which will explain what he is and that is… ‘LEGEND’