#187, Bandhan Munjal

By Faces of Rajkot, March 12, 2016

I am so glad to share that I have 2 job offers on hand when I am doing my B.Tech IT and doing an internship at Mumbai.

Faces of Rajkot really inspire us continuously and we follow the stories regularly. So far I have seen adventurous faces, brave faces, business faces, kind faces, medical faces, technical outstanding faces of Rajkot. So, I thought I too can become a little technical face of Rajkot.

My name is Bandhan Munjal student of RK University B. Tech IT. For me, he computer’s a demanding lover. I feel married to it.The computer will fascinate you. It’ll seduce you to spend more time with it. You’ll fall in love with it. You’ll start buying it presents exotic pen drives, extra memories, mouse pads, keyboard, headsets WiFi and what not! LoL. That is my love for computers since childhood.

I love playing games online and it is a multi-crore online business. I created games for myself, one of my creation was selected in India’s top 40 projects by Natraj Educational Society. I became prestigious Microsoft student partner in 2014 and went up to 2nd Round exam at Bhopal. I was one of the lead developers in making online examination software for RK Univeristy under the guidance of Prof. Kamlesh Patel.

One of my best creation was the mobile app called “Rooms” I co-founded with Gaurav Nanda. The app was very helpful in providing useful information about available rooms for student accommodation. I was nominated as student of the year and was an active participant in e-chai mornings under the guidance of Hitesh Parmar.

My message to the youth of the Rajkot that sits idle saying there is nothing new to do, Rajkot has good potential and there is a lot to do. We have gone ahead in business but still technology wise we have to push further. After all, we are one of the Smart Cities.