#189, My Favourite Earphones

By Faces of Rajkot, March 17, 2016

Two weeks back I was listening music on my phone on loudspeaker. I was so engrossed in a song that I hit a car’s headlight with my Rekdi (pullcart). The owner of the car obviously came out angry. Immediately I apologized for my mistake and asked how much that headlight cost to fix!

He said Rs. 8000 and I said can I pay you in installment? He started smiling at me. He said to me that I am very honest because the headlight doesn’t cost that much and it was not my mistake he was on phone and couldn’t break his speed. I was like what’s next? I was supposed to pay him or not? Rs 8000 is like my 2 months family expenses. He went back to his car and came out with a box and handed over to me. He smiled and said “For you”.

I opened the box and it was brand new Samsung set of earphones. He said to me do not play so loud music on the road. people may not like it. Use headphones. Since then I am very much attached to this headphones and wear it all day long.