#193, Deepsinh Rathod, self made engineer

By Faces of Rajkot, March 29, 2016

We have IIM and IITs they make finest engineers and entrepreneurs in the world. They study hard, work hard but not all of them could do out of box. In my life, I have seen engineers working 9 to 5, doing monotonous job, come home, eat and sleep.
Deepsingh Rathod, an illiterate person from Rajkot, developed a bicycle with MP3 player, recorder wit stereo systems, telephone, 17” TV, CCTV camera that connects online. The bicycle also has 4 types of security alarms. Isn’t that something out of box? Even millions of mechanical engineers do not think about doing things differently and do 9 to 5pm job robotically.
“I drove cycle to Nepal”, says Mr Rathod. It took me 1 month and 10 days to reach to Nepal one way. I visited Pakistan boarder too this year. Every Saturday night I visit Chotila for Darshan. It gives me positivity and strengths.
I’m basically from Banaskantha but probably my destiny wanted me to learn a lot and brought me to Rajkot. I cannot thank enough this city for giving me more than I deserve a job, family, friends and my beloved cycle. Thank you so much Rajkot.
I designed this cycle out of my pocket money and it costed me Rs. 95,000 in total. I work as a watchman at Domino’s pizza. Low income or no education cannot stop me doing what I want. I am Rajkot.
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