#56 Dr. Nishith Vachani

June 30, 2015

I carry my camera along with me even to the hospitals. There I said it! I was at the hospital for something, but then I got this idea of clicking pics of the microbes under a microscopic lens. When you happen to know a microbiologist, this gets easy. I happen to know Dr Nishith Vachani, […]

#54 Akhilesh Joshi

June 26, 2015

So, you gave up your job as a lab technician, because, you wanted to pursue photography wholeheartedly?” I asked. He sighed. “Do you want me to repeat it again?” “But why would you do that?” “Why? I thought the word ‘wholeheartedly’ summed it up all.” “But you could easily pursue photography even while keeping the […]

#52 a watch man

June 24, 2015

I’ve tried and failed again and again. He never lets me capture, in my frames, this abandoned factory, of which he’s the watchman. It’s not that easy slipping by him either. Don’t you think I’ve tried? I did one day and he confiscated my camera! “Bhaiya, please give me back my camera. I promise I […]

#51 (b) Anna Idli vala

June 23, 2015

“No! The landlord’s intrusive. He has have his nose deep into everything I do. I don’t want to stay there anymore. Can’t you find me some place soon?” I was on a call with my pal. I think it was 2013 or ’14 may be. Nevermind, the thing is, at that moment, I was eating […]

#51(a) Idli Anna

June 22, 2015

“Oh God! Idli Anna, I love you! Don’t know what I’d do without your idlis!” It was another one of those mornings when I wake up with a south-indian tooth. Luckly, God has sent this saviour. He’s there, whichever morning I need him, from 07:30 AM to 11:30 AM. To satiate my hunger, I have […]

#49 Sabji vale Bhaiya

June 20, 2015

“Bhaiya, did you get those carrots I asked you to order? I know, it’s not the season, but metros have them all year around!” “Sorry, it skipped my mind. I’ll get them for you in two days. If I may ask, why do you need them? Only you ask for them.” “Abundance of fibre!” I […]

#50 Shamsher Singh

June 20, 2015

“On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” – Jules Renard If you get the quote, well I’m happy for you, if you don’t, well, read again. 😉 So, I have this another quote, which I’d like to share: “I grew up in a village near Sasan Gir and growing up […]

#48 Karsan Potter

June 19, 2015

I always say, “Follow the career that makes you happy!” Now, it was this day when you don’t want to go out but your mom wants you to, either to buy kitchen supplies or to pay the bills. I pulled the plug on the latter when I convinced my parents to shift to online payments, […]

#47, Helping Hand to Parents

June 18, 2015

The Ravivaari (Sunday flea market) street was bustling with all and sundry. Amidst all the energetic chaos to buy things, there sat a little girl, smiling. Her parents were right next to her, selling clothes. “That’s a lovely dress!” I said. “I love dressing up,” she said, beaming. At that very moment, a three/four-year-old boy […]

#46, A Dancer

June 17, 2015

I got curious. The beats of music pulled me towards a crowd. A guy was in the middle of that crowd – dancing, floating, moon walking and what not! “I love dancing and attention” was written all over his face. I think, it would be one of the best live performances I have ever witnessed. […]

#45, Education is Important

June 16, 2015

We’ve always wondered, do they dream of the same things? Do their parents believe in education? When we walked up to him, he looked up at us with interest. I think, he thought we were there to buy some vegetables, but, instead, he found our eyes focused on his brother who was reading a book, […]

#44, A Royal Watchman

June 15, 2015

Stray dogs are my friends. My favorite pastime is listening to radio and smoking a ‘bidi’. I am a watchman of “Darbar Gadh”. Rajkot’s Royal family owns it. Nobody visits this places because nobody is in interested in keeping this palace in shape. But, if you have the eyes to look at it, it is […]

#43 A Grandfather

June 14, 2015

I am a retired government officer and here’s my cute grand-daughter. The possibility of dormancy, after retirement, worried me a lot, but then my daughter-in-law blessed me with this angel. Though she is young, she loves wearing my spectacles; sometimes she snatches my pen and scribbles on the newspaper. Everyone says that she will become […]

#42, Addiction and Daughter’s marriage

June 13, 2015

I work as a driver of a renowned businessman. I work 12 hours a day to earn and to secure future of my children. Both my son and daughter are studying in school but I want them to study well. And that’s the reason I work hard. I also want to save money for my […]

#41, Common Sense

June 12, 2015

These are naturally curly hair. I can’t afford hair salons. We clean the streets of Rajkot. I always wonder, why do people litter the streets? They throw food materials and what not, just to spoil the roads and thus providing flies with the fodder to grow and populate. It’s when they get sick, they complain […]

#40, Newspaper Delivery man

June 11, 2015

Since past 40 years I’ve been delivering newspapers and magazines on my bicycle. Diabetes, blood pressure and other such 21st century diseases haven’t touched me. I believe, if people work hard for 365 days, just as I do, we won’t need doctors. To add to that, I also don’t have any addictions. And, I’m also […]