#211, Prashant Kakkad

By Faces of Rajkot, May 11, 2016

Prashant Kakkad

The challenge was to make a career wherein it would bring about immense job satisfaction and simultaneously go about doing something for the society.

That brought me to the fascinating world of investments and wealth management.

The path was not an easy one when I commenced the journey. It was filled with highly unorganised market place full of dubious people in trade and the challenge was to hang out there.

One lead to another and reached a final frontier where in my Surat based friends Neeraj & Jignesh wanted to startup operations in Rajkot & Saurashtra hence began my journey at NJ India Invest P Ltd.

Way back in 1999 the financial literacy ratio was so pathetic that people differentiated between Mutual Funds and UTI ( the oldest Mutual Fund in the country). Asked why do you save and the answer used to be “MARKET SARU LAAGE CHE”. The rational was missing in investing and the concept of savings was poles apart from reality.

Funny part was that for long term goals people preferred Fixed Income but when it came to short term parking they tried their hand at Stock market. That’s absolutely reverse of what should be.

Well that where we took up the challenge and started educating people not only in this part of the country but all over India.

I personally have addressed over 500 client gatherings and maybe more than 60000 to 70000 clients with the sole objective of teaching them the basics of right investing and bringing about financial literacy.

Even after 20 years of my career and 6000 crores of Assets Under Management I still feel that only the surface is scratched when it comes to Financial Literacy in Aam Aadmi.

Sincere requests to all those who read this please make your children not just MONEY WISE but WEALTH WISE….

— with Dolly Kakkad and Prashant Kakkad.