#212, Jaggudada, A Gym Instructor

By Faces of Rajkot, May 13, 2016

Let’s add some muscles power to the Faces of Rajkot today. I am Jagdish, People call me “Jaggudada” with love. I am serving at Gymkhana in Racecourse for more than 30 years. I have seen kids bulging and growing like anything in my gym. I have strict rules and regulations for those who I train personally. I am doing my bit for building solid man out of kids for society to protect, fight their own battles in life. Not only physically but also mentally I try to grow their muscles so they do not grow dumb muscular men.

I am strictly against steroids for fake muscular growth and seriously emphasize on Indian diet which is really healthier in the world. I do not put straight away them on weights. I make them doing aerobics lot of running. We enroll them in bulk so there are so many school, college going kids come for building muscles overnight like a magic and wants to jump on weights. They want to do it only because they want to impress others not for their own. I put them on running and other physical exercise on ground rather than inside the gym at least for a month. By the month end all the lovers, self claimed tough guys, those who come for fun are all out. Those who are left till the end of the month are really worth guys to be trained and they only get entry inside the gym. I do not want to waste my time and energy after those who show off. I do not mind if you are skinny or chubby. I will carve your body in a beautiful diamond shape you just have faith in me.

There are a lot of good guys who come regularly at the gym, they respect me a lot. I feel really proud when I see before and after photos of them that this is my alteration after God’s creation. I am the muscular faces of Rajkot.

Keep exercising Rajkot!