#220, Prabhatbhai, a vegetable vendor

By Faces of Rajkot, June 4, 2016

Ganjiwada is probably one of the largest slums in the city. People think it as just a sprawling ghetto of poverty; it also is home to some of the most industrious people in the city.
Its entrepreneurs manufacture leather products, packaging, house hold items, bangles and potato wafers every day. There are rich people who emerged from this slum. The prosperous residents of the slum have not become millionaires by appearing on quiz shows or by winning lotteries. What they have achieved is through blood, tears, sweat and untiring toil.
Prabhatbhai, a longtime resident of this slum, earned his success (well, not exactly success) with nothing else but tremendous hard work. He came to Rajkot in early eighties and began his career as an errand boy in a small restaurant.
I was 18 year old boy when I came to Rajkot, I worked in a restaurant near ST bus stand. 2 months later, a grocery store owner offered me a job for unloading goods for 350 rs per month. But, he gave me only 250 rs saying that I am weak. I quit.
I married a girl and have two sons. I and my wife still sell vegetables at different places in Rajkot. I have enough money and my kids are taking education. I don’t want my children to sell vegetable like us. I want them to study well and lead a rich life. I am much satisfied with what this prosperous city has given us. Peace, wealth, health, family and friends.