#228, Shivramsinh Chudasama

By Faces of Rajkot, July 2, 2016

Before we start, we want to wish a very happy birthday to our face of Rajkot today, Shivramsinh Chudasama.
”Education of heart is the heart of education”

Being one of the blessed souls I got education and grooming at the best educational institutes of the likes of TGES Rajkot… Mayo college Ajmer… and Sinhgadh Institutes Pune giving me an impeccable foundation for life…

I was taught that life’s always not perfect, but it’s always what one makes it.

Backed by this life lesson, filled with energy and enthusiasm, I stepped into my professional life at BSNL as a junior engineer. Eventually as the time passed I discovered that I am more of a people’s person and love to share the knowledge I have. As a result I started teaching English, delivered soft skills training and motivational lectures. I enjoyed spending time motivating people to set goals, pursue their dreams and chalk out ways to achieve the same themselves. Having realized the fact that personal image is unarguably the most crucial aspect of one’s personal and professional growth in today’s competitive era, I gradually ventured into it enhancing my proficiency thereby strengthening my position in the industry.

After years of relentless efforts and investing time in the time bank it’s now that I am reaping rewards not only in the segment of my strength i.e. voice overs but also in soft-skill training and others like anchoring, copyrighting,consulting.

I have written and voiced for reputed brands and professionals in the region, like Poojara Telecom , Field Marshal , KICH, Marwadi University, etc. to name a few. Assignments from Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara have raised my confidence levels. I have been privileged to conduct an interview on Doordarshan – Rajkot and also deliver a couple of talks on All India Radio Rajkot. Till date I have addressed and trained over 5,000 students and professionals. Receiving messages from students like “you are my role model, I wish to become like you” and events like signing autographs fill the heart with immense love and satisfaction that cannot be equated with any other materialistic things. Hosting the musical concert of Padmashree Hariharan and playing a quiz master for kids spell bee contest organised by Times Of India group remain few highlights of my journey as an anchor….

My goal for the coming years is to embark upon giving a dapper look, polishing the language and encouraging behaviour replete with social etiquette, in the people of our region particularly, as I have often heard Rajkot students and professionals being at the wrong end of soft skills.

I shall strive to transform as many men into gentlemen and women into ladies of highest levels of grace…..

Let’s all come together and harmoniously complement to the music of life….

Let language… smile… mannerisms be the jewels that embellish our personalities…

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— with Shivramsinh Chudasama.