#231, Bhumika Joshi

By Faces of Rajkot, July 11, 2016

I like buying jewelries, accessories and clothes from my own earned money. Being a girl I do not advice girls to sit at home, cook, watch stupid serials or get married and doubt your husband, spy on his phone and texts, depend on your boyfriend to go to restaurants or shopping and make him pay the bills. No, I can take care of myself. If you are a vital part of my life being a husband or a boyfriend, I will not use you to get things.

Bhumika Joshi, a counselor, columnist, as well as a motivational speaker who owes words as her weapon, pen as power and knowledge as a tool to success. She is beautiful in herself and intelligent to the world. A pen is to me as a beak is to a hen.

“I started my career in first year of graduation itself as a press reporter in a well known media house of Rajkot. Taking interviews and writing them off beautifully was my job. I started with positive interviews of politicians, police officers, educationists, counselors and all those who did something for the society. Gradually picking up crime, I worked professionally in the same field. I started getting offers from many places and amongst one of my interviews of an educationist, I got offer for taking seminars! I jumped into education and started taking seminars. Conducting successful seminars till now from different institutes now entitles me as a motivational speaker.

Let the men know women have their new limitations of being “exclusively unlimited”! I’m still a soldier, fighting with my pen and paper for peace till the day I cease.

We thank Ravi Jain for the help.

— with Bhumika Jigar Joshi.