#234, Jahnvi Mehta

By Faces of Rajkot, July 22, 2016

If you ask me my blood group, I will say it is T!

Yes, I am a teacher … a daughter of teacher parents … a born teacher to whom just a thought of teaching in the class has been facinating since childhood! And perheps that is why , out of innocence, when i was in 7th standard I had asked my parents, “Can’t I directly join BEd after passing class 7?”

Teaching wasn’t the profession which I joined out of compulsion … but I had been grown up to become a teacher.

After 16 years of the teaching career, I feel proud to say, I am on the top of the world when I am in the classroom and at the end of the session, I feel I have emptied myself and I am filled with joy.

I am working at Thorala unit of Saraswati School Thorala unit is a newly operational unit of our trust and we teach underprivileged students at Thorala unit.