#239, Devang & Virang Trivedi from Shutter Experts

By Faces of Rajkot, August 10, 2016

દરેક સંબંધ કોઈ  ને કોઈ દરવાજા  ખોલી જાય છે,
કાં તો હૃદયનાં , કાં તો આંખો ના….

Once someone told me that we could never be able to set our business in the field of Sound. Today we are on the top of the entire Saurashtra region with latest JBL Vertc  4889 and the other instruments costing Rs. 2 Crore, planning to Invest more in the upcoming season. Shutter Experts is also one of well-known wedding photography firm.

I was 19, says Devang Trivedi,  when my father lost his job due to shifting of manufacturing unit we decided not to shift. I took all the responsibilities of my family. I started my career with a job with the salary of 600 Rs per month in a photography and videographer firm in Rajkot after many trials at several places. There I found my passion and decided to go in the photography field. I borrowed some money from relatives and bought my first camera. Then, my brother, Virang Trivedi joined me in the business.

પગ ના તળિયા સામે
કોઈ જોતું નથી, સાહેબ!
બૂટની પોલીશ
ચકાચક હોવી જોઈએ..

Photography and video were not the way as today it is. It was very difficult and tough to remain in the competition. Many times we have to work 3-4 days continuously Day and Night. Later we thought to start something new for more income. Virang gained knowledge about operate and mix sounds without any formal education. We invested some Rs.80 thousands in sound systems. Both the business started growing rapidly. Though many hurdles came to the way but we fought the situation and raise up.

We will continue to add more colours and rhythm in all the occasions of this Colourful Rajkot.

Thank You Ravi Jain for the inputs.