#246, Bhavin Thakkar of Multicon

By Faces of Rajkot, August 31, 2016

A Rajkot boy created “Bhramastra” to avoid rape incidents. Bhavin Thakkar,34, decided that he wants to help and serve all the vulnerable daughters, sisters, and mothers by offering this product FREE OF COST to Government of India. His only concern is this ‘’Brahmastra’’ should not be misfired or should land in the hands of wrong people. At the age of 34, he could achieve what most of the people of his age may not even dream of.

My vision was not to be limited to this basic survival process but to build a multi-dimensional tech corporation and leverage technology for larger social wellness. As a creative person, I understand the power of the fresh Ideas and thoughts and when such ideas get support from enabling partner in the form of technology, one does not get surprised to see wonders that Multiicon is producing. Many of the products created by Multiicon are testimony to what I call it ‘Ideotechnology’(idea + technology). Hence, Multiicon is the reason for bringing smiles on the faces of more than 40 families as part of my team.
I helped Gujarat Police to track few criminals responsible for Mumbai bomb blasts with my app weapon called “Cyber Indicator”. This software is used to track all the activities from any cyber café across the country.

One more feather in my crown is “Watchman” app, a free of cost application which is effective for the security of home and office. In order to create, healthy society, people should have basic peace of mind and sense of safety. Watchman is your virtual techno-guard who will ensure that your property and belonging are secured whether you are around it or not.

In corporation with Multiicon, I developed many of the educational applications like ‘’EVERYDAY ENGLISH’’, ‘’ I SPEAK’’, ‘’KG2PG’’ and offered them free of cost on Android Store for the benefits of society at large.

— with Bhavin Thakkar.