#249, Fotography Club Rajkot

By Faces of Rajkot, September 8, 2016

We always wanted to see how it feels to feed something to someone that he or she has never tasted in their lives!!

Finally it clicked and when we saw those kids playing around Ganpati Idol makers’ temporary housing on Gondal Road. Fotography club Rajkot, almost 50 members, brought Apples, “Sev Khamni”, Gulab jamun, chocolates and biscuits and distributed among more than a hundred kids.

My God! You must have seen those kids eyes lit up, wider and wide to see sev khamni and gulab Jamun.

A few of them did not eat and asked us to give extra “sev khamni”. We were stunned with the politeness in their sound. We said, “you already got one packet, isn’t it unfair with other kids if we give you extra? “

They said, “it is not for them but for their siblings. They have never tasted sev khamni. They would love it. Even if you do not give us extra, we will distribute from the packet you gave us. But, they are very little kids and may ask for more.“

They won our hearts and a huge pack of “sev khamni”. How we wish we could have a photo of the moment they were jumping with the joy when they got that extra food of their choice. That food costs nothing compared to the joy in their eyes. Priceless!

Thank you Fotography Club Rajkot for sharing this beautiful memory with us.