#25, Nirav Mehta, A Passionate Photographer

By Faces of Rajkot, May 23, 2015

A passionate photographer, Nirav Mehta who started with a simple point and shoot camera in 2010.

He studied millions of photos on different websites and learnt his own unique ways. He then made a website somewhere in 2012 and during that time he also mastered mobile photography.

But he jumped a height when he purchased his first DSLR camera last year in February. And there was no looking back. With just a small 55-250 mm lens, he takes amazing photographs. He hardly ever changes his lens to some other lens even if he is doing candid photography or street photography.

His more than 60 photos are selected as inspirational images in one of the largest photo sharing website youpic.com . He also gets many honorable mentions on different famous portals of Instagram also. .