#255, RJ Grishma

By Faces of Rajkot, September 23, 2016

This is the time somewhere in 2011, when I was perusing my engineering after a diploma. It was quiet a fun life in college as every other person has.

Doing engineering and being an engineer in that time was like achieving something too big and good.

But somewhere I felt engineering is not my cup of tea not even my cup of coffee ( I love Coffee) lol, sitting in front of computer for hours, and those PHP and different software and making websites and all those silly stuff.

I was so exhausted of studying that nonsense and I gathered some guts and finally put forward a greatest decision in front of my parents which was “ I want to QUIT engineering”.

The reaction of parents are but obvious like every other parent who gets a 440 volt ka jhatka that their kid and all the more a daughter wants to quit studying. After all those scary reactions I somehow managed to convince my parents and they agreed.

Few Days after this, My friends told me that there is this one Radio station which is hiring new RJ’s and you should try your luck. I somehow managed to pass the interview and was hired as an Intern, and to be an RJ very soon. (that’s what I was told).

I started doing everything there except doing the work which an RJ does. I somehow started observing and learning things from there. Meanwhile another Radio Station offered me a job of an RJ seeing my dedication, passion and hardwork.

Without thinking a moment, I was too stunned and surprised both at that very moment (I feel mixed emotions sometimes, lol) and that’s how I started my journey of becoming a Star. It kept on shining brighter and brighter, started learning new things,

Making wonderful friends for lifetime, started making memories, and I left that engineer in me far behind and started living a life that I had built on my own and what I had wished for. Thereafter, Joining a bigger company MY FM is a proud moment, credit of which I would give to my parents who supported my decision of leaving engineering, to all those people who thought I have done a mistake leaving a career which would have given me 9 to 6 job, (sorry, but I made it guys), and obviously my hard work lol ,and all other people who has been a part in my journey of becoming RJ GRISHMA from Grishma.

— with Grishma Joshi, RJ Grishma and MYRJ Grishma.