#271, Kaushal Bawishi, Golf, Mercedes Trophy

By Faces of Rajkot, November 9, 2016

One of the extremely proud for Rajkot that probably not even bigger cities have attempted before is Kaushal Bawishi from Rajkot has won The Mercedes Trophy in Golf, Gujarat leg for 2015 and that too the longest and the toughest golf course in India, KBG golf course in Sanand. For those who are not aware, Mercedes trophy is one of the prestigious events on the calendar.

Kaushal Bawishi says, “I am very much passionate about teaching Golf to school kids.” This is one of the most rewarding sports. Even if you win or not there is a huge money involved with the game. So far, I have undertaken 3 successful coaching camps. I am passionate about teaching Golf to school going kids and have undertaken 3 coaching camps.

I wasn’t even aware of spelling of Golf till I tried my hands first time in Pune in 2005. I learnt all by myself as there are so many rules and so many types of golf courses in the world. This individual sport offers a great career opportunity for any kid who wants to put in at least 5 years of hard work and dedication. It pays you good money and fame at all the levels.

I am open to anyone who wants to know more about the sport and get into it. Over the years, I have accumulated good deep knowledge and various training aids as well as materials required for the sport.

I want to tell the younger generation that please come out of Pokemon Go and other video games, come out and hit the grounds, start playing something different that brings you prestige and a good income. There is no fun in challenging virtual world, you would go unnoticed.

Beauty about Golf is you can play alone, don’t need a partner unlike other sports.