#28, Mrs Ila Jasani

By Faces of Rajkot, May 27, 2015

“He asked for my hand in marriage when I was only 17 years old. But I was just 14 when I fell in love with him. In those days it used to be difficult to just ‘date’ before marriage and I’d known him for years before because he was my family friend. I agreed to get engaged so young but my father asked me one question… Will you be adjusted to this rich but orthodox family? I was blind in love & adamant and I was ready for all the expected miseries after marriage. My fiancé was so excited to have his bride at home that he worked really hard and convinced his family as well. It has been 46 years after and oh what a beautiful life it’s been… Even though I became a mother at a really young age — it never stopped us from travelling and our love from growing.

I have developed a small imitation jewellery business but before giving permission, my father in law and my husband, Jasani Suresh told me to be honest and do the best. Now I design my own jewellery and also make them in pure silver, gold, precious gems, diamonds and pearls.
We are happy with our lives. And my elder son Divyesh Jasani, his wife Sejal Sheth Jasani and their cute son, Ronav, all stay in the same house. And fortunately, our daughter Amrita, Son in law Hiren V Gosalia and their daughter, Pearl are in Rajkot.