#281, Kunal Karamchandani, Cricketer from Rajkot

By Faces of Rajkot, December 19, 2016

Kunal Karamchandani

Why your parents want you to become an engineer or a doctor, because they see a secure future, a good job or good money. Well, my mom had the same dream yet I picked a different way to fulfil that. I did B.Com and buckled down for government jobs and finally now I am with Indian Railways.

But, my dad and I seeded a secret dream together since I was a kid. My father is so passionate about cricket and wanted to play for the country. Unfortunately, he could not do that because of family business but he gave me that dream. I nourished it equally as my mom’s dream for me.

Now, what is so special about my dream? I like that people see you playing on grounds for hours and remember your records for generations. If you have achieved any records, your name is remembered forever. I too want to do something like that.

I’m playing for Saurashtra team for C. K. Naidu Trophy at the moment and looking forward to get a chance to play in Ranji Trophy. And I was selected to get training from National Cricket Academy.

Throughout life, you keep seeding dreams, some blossoms, some dies immature but, you don’t stop dreaming. When any of your dreams come true, no words can define that feeling. It may be a small thing for you, readers, but for me it’s more than my life. I will have a life size photo with my father, holding a trophy in Rajkot stadium one day.

Rajkot, Keep dreaming high.

— with Kunal Karamchandani.