Ganapati Bappa Moria

By Faces of Rajkot, September 16, 2015

I am feeling very sad to disclose that I add toxic chemicals, colours, increase acid contents and pollute your drinking and daily usage water. I am feeling so bad for you people. But, you only support me doing this. You people decorate me with chemicals, paints etc. and finally immerse me in your precious water only. Yes, I am your very much loved Ganpati PoP idols.

Immersion in water means giving up old to welcome new. But you people immerse the good and bring back worse at home. These days people have started making me eco-friendly but decorate me with same chemical paints, “Abil – Gulal”, Thermocol, plastic etc to worship and immerse all in water. Though municipal corporations spread message, install large traditional pots or “Kalash” shaped bins to receive this worshiped decorations. But no, you want to perform it the way it is.

I told my story and now leaving the final decision on you. See you tomorrow.