#45, Education is Important

By Faces of Rajkot, June 16, 2015

We’ve always wondered, do they dream of the same things? Do their parents believe in education?

When we walked up to him, he looked up at us with interest. I think, he thought we were there to buy some vegetables, but, instead, he found our eyes focused on his brother who was reading a book, sitting by his side.

“He doesn’t like it,” said the vendor with a smile, “I have to push him to do it. I want him to complete graduation, at least.”

“You’re a good brother,” I said, returning the smile. “How about your child? Does he/she love studying?” I asked.

He brightened up with that question, “I have two sons; they are very young so I don’t really know,” he said, “but when they reach my brother’s age I would want them to study as well. I want them to get a good government job one day.”